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Application Form


    All STUDENTS must listen and follow the explicit directions of the INSTRUCTOR at all times during the participation of any activity. At any time in its absolute discretion, the INSTRUCTOR may:-

    ● Resolve approval for the STUDENT to attend or participate in a LESSON, CLINIC or WORKSHOP hosted by New Zealand Stunt School if STUDENT is [not limited to]:

    a) Endangering our staff, students, horses, or yourself
    b) Not listening to direct instruction or advice from our staff or instructors
    c) Disrespecting staff, other students, horses, or property owned by New Zealand Stunt School


    All STUDENTS must wear appropriate clothing to participate in any LESSON < CLINIC > WORKSHOP. Clothing approved for stunts with us include:

    a) Active/fitness wear and suitable footwear, trainers. NO open toed shoes or crocs.
    b) Trick/Stunt Riding lessons and clinics – Active/fitness wear is preferred including full length
    tights, jodhpurs, or breeches – flexible soled shoes that allow you to point and flex your feet
    (boxing boots/tennis shoes) NOT riding boots.
    c) Horse riding lessons and clinics – long riding pants including tights, jodhpurs, breeches, or jeans- Riding boots and/or chaps


    All STUDENTS must be medically able, fit, and sober to PARTICIPATE in any LESSON < CLINIC > WORKSHOP – absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS. You are entirely responsible for your own actions.


    a) New Zealand Stunt School has a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit attached to each workshop which MUST be paid as soon as the booking is confirmed in order to reserve your spot. Cancellations within 24 hours/no shows may result in a higher fee next time (medical
    exemptions admitted)
    b) All service fees must be PAID IN FULL, BEFORE you can participate in any LESSON < CLINIC > WORKSHOP. No pay = No lesson. We accept bank transfer and cash as legal tender (invoices can be given) – bank transfer is preferred (within 24 hours of lesson)
    c) If the STUDENT cancels within 72hrs of a LESSON < CLINIC > WORKSHOP, NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED after that period – no matter if they finish the activity early due to negligence/refusal, injury, damage, or death etc.
    d) If a STUDENT (AND/OR GUARDIAN) has paid FULL lesson fee beforehand however cancels prior to 72 hours of scheduled lesson, NO REFUNDS will be issued – A lesson CREDIT will be given instead, to use for their next lesson. You will have 12 months to use this credit.
    e) In the event that we must cancel a LESSON < CLINIC > WORKSHOP, due to unforeseen circumstance, lessons will be awarded a full CREDIT that STUDENTS may use for their next session – Clinics and workshops will be given the choice of a full credit to use at the next event, or a refund.


    STUDENT (AND/OR GUARDIAN) agree that New Zealand Stunt School INSTRUCTORS can take pictures and/or video of the participant in the LESSON < CLINIC > WORKSHOP for social media purposes and website ONLY – no personal information will be uploaded without consent.

    The STUDENT (AND/OR GUARDIAN) acknowledges stunt training is a DANGEROUS activity.. The discipline/s taught here at New Zealand Stunt School involve extra elements of hazards [working with weapons and/or performing extreme stunts]. Dangers include [but are not limited to]:

    a) Personal injury [example: broken bones, loss of limbs, sprains, muscles spasms, concussions]
    b) Damaged property
    c) In extreme cases death

    The STUDENT (AND/OR GUARDIAN) accepts that these potential risks may occur while participating in any LESSON < CLINIC > WORKSHOP hosted by/taught here at New Zealand Stunt School and agrees that they will be PARTICIPATING AT THEIR OWN RISK ENTIRELY.

    With regard to Horse lessons/camps/clinics. Due to the extra physical strain some horses may undertake while participating in certain disciplines taught here, for their safety and wellbeing, New Zealand Stunt School has a rider weight limit of 85kg for Trick/Stunt Riding. Any person/s over that limit may be refused to participate in any LESSON < CLINIC > WORKSHOP (individual assessment may be made – INSTRUCTORS word is final)

    All STUDENTS MUST comply with NZ health regulations, any rider under the age of 18 is required by law to wear an appropriate and fitted New Zealand/Australian approved safety helmet. It is compulsory to wear a safety helmet while participating in ANY RIDING LESSON, CAMP, CLINIC. We encourage all riders to wear a helmet no matter the age, or discipline you are learning here at New Zealand Stunt School. STUDENTS (and/or guardians for under 18 pupils) are solely responsible for ensuring helmets worn by them are fitted correctly and up to standard.


    The STUDENT (AND/OR GUARDIAN) agrees to release and discharge the INSTRUCTORS and OWNERS of New Zealand Stunt School in respect to ANY liability the STUDENT (AND/OR GUARDIAN) may incur, for the loss or damage of any kind whether it be personal injury, death, or property damage which the STUDENT may suffer in attending the LESSON < CLINIC > WORKSHOP

    a. The STUDENT (AND/OR GUARDIAN) hereby indemnifies the INSTRUCTOR and OWNERS of New Zealand Stunt School from ANY loss, liability or damage or cost that may be incurred while PARTICIPATING IN ANY LESSON < CLINIC > WORKSHOP, as a result of any act or omission, whether caused by negligence of the student, accidental or otherwise
    b. In respect of any injury, loss or damage any person who may accompany the STUDENT to the LESSON < CLINIC > WORKSHOP may suffer also whilst at the LESSON < CLINIC > WORKSHOP

    This Agreement, Releases and Indemnities shall be binding upon the STUDENT (AND/OR GUARDIAN), the STUDENT (AND/OR GUARDIAN) legal representative, heirs and next of kin and that this agreement may be pleaded in bar to any cause of action commenced in any court contrary to the Term & Conditions.

    New Zealand's accidental injury compensation scheme provides certain medical / financial assistance via the ACC for its citizens and permanent residents. New Zealand Stunt School cannot ensure STUDENTS who may get injured due to the participation of our LESSON < CLINIC > WORKSHOP will be covered entirely and recommend having your own health insurance and research injury coverage before participating in any activity.

    For international visitors travelling to New Zealand and are participating in our LESSON < CLINIC > WORKSHOP, ACC coverage is limited, and we strongly recommend you have full personal insurance covering any injury that you may suffer, including medical treatment cover, before undertaking any activity. Exclusions: to the extent permitted by law, all our liability for damage to your property, disruption to travel plans, or mental injury is excluded. This exclusion is subject to any rights or remedies you may have under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

    All information we have about you is treated as confidential and stored securely at all times. Under the New Zealand Privacy Act 2021, you are entitled to access any information we hold about you, or to request its correction at any time.

    Participant Acknowledgement and Declaration

    By signing and ticking the box below, I understand and acknowledge this is a legal binding document. I have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions under which I and/or the child participant (whichever applies) shall be attending all/any activities with New Zealand Stunt School. I agree this waiver has been filled out with all information being correct, true, and pertinent. I further state that I am aware that this form waives certain legal rights I and/or the child participant and/or our "Legal Representatives" might have against the New Zealand Stunt School, its INSTRUCTORS or OWNERS.